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Since 1992, Efftek Diagnostic Engineers have been supplying independent condition monitoring services to customers including power stations, water authorities, food and tobacco processing, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors including many world class and blue chip companies.

  Mission Statement

Our goal is to help our customers achieve increased reliability through condition monitoring thereby improving productivity, profitability and competitiveness

  Steve Ferry - Senior Engineer


Our services are ideally suited to any business using either batch or continuous process machines where downtime can be costly.

You will find our rates very competitive as we do not have expensive offices to rent and our overheads are kept to a minimum, savings we are very happy to pass on to our customers.

We do not believe in tying customers into lengthy contracts and prefer a PAYG approach.

Our aim is to provide a responsive, and reliable service of the utmost integrity. To ensure this, our experienced engineers all work within strict quality procedures.

We can supply a range of services to compliment and improve your current maintenance procedures, reducing unnecessary downtime which would otherwise severely affect your business. We provide a complete diagnostic service, enabling you to direct maintenance efforts where they are most needed.

We are a totally independent company but we do have good relationships with a number of companies who specialise in motor rewind, pump repair etc. and are happy to work hand in hand with any repair companies utilised by your business.

Fast report turn round time is considered vital. Urgent problems are identified and notified to site personnel immediately followed by a complete written report within 48 hours. Reports are completely customisable to be exactly what each customer wants and are sent as adobe acrobat files via email to ensure it reaches the Engineer in the fastest possible time. Reports can also be sent to as many email destinations as you require.

For companies wishing to instigate an in-house condition monitoring program, we can set up a pilot scheme and supply hardware, software and full training. After a period of six months to one year, a fully working system is handed over putting the customer in a position which would normally take two to three years.

We have many letters from satisfied customers some of which can be seen here.

In addition to the usual Condition Monitoring, we are also available for routine analysis of pipework and criticality assessments.


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