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The following have been taken from testimonial letters which can downloaded here.

The programme became well established in a very short period of time and after 12 months I believe we have seen a real improvement. To support this we can look at one of our plants that we took data points 12 months apart. Efftek undertook their 1st Survey of this plant in 1997 prior to a plant shutdown and found 37% of machines requiring attention. In 1998 this figure had dropped to 1%.

Phil Wrigley, Site Engineering Manager, Rohm & Haas


The vibration analysis work you do for Terra is excellent quality and is clear in its presentation. For years we used to monitor machines but not really have the first idea what we were looking at. The way your system presents the most recent reading and some historical reading allows me to put the most recent reading into context

Iain Stewart, Engineering Manager, Terra Nitrogen


We have had many successes in predicting bearing defects. In one of the largest, Efftek predicted a breakdown in our 250kW Chiller, and saved us an estimated 54k in lost production, hire costs and maintenance repair costs

Peter Wray, Maintenance Manager, Rohm & Haas


I am glad to say that due to Efftek's help we are now able to plan shutdown work to alleviate some of the problems that we were experiencing during manufacture.

Brian Beck, Maintenance Supervisor, Cray Valley


Using newly introduced Overall Equipment Effectiveness measurement techniques to monitor pump and agitator drive system performances we could prove and visually display the effects of the vibration analysis work introduced at this time. To a point today where we have had no breakdown failures of this type of equipment that has effected production over the last 12 months and all work can be planned in advance.

Ian Tyreman, Reliability Engineer, Syngenta

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