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Condition Monitoring Services for Industry



Just as we humans have parameters which can be measured to give an indication of our health, so do machines.

The systematic recording, analysing and trending these parameters is called Condition Monitoring.




 Heart Rate


 Blood Pressure









At Efftek, we select the most appropriate method(s) to monitor the health of your machines on a regular basis, analyse the data and send you a report showing the condition of each machine and a recommendation of what to do if a machine is poorly.

There are several benefits to any company of having a suitable CM service

             Facility to plan maintenance activities in advance

             Reduction in machine downtime - increased productivity
             Safeguard against health & safety and environmental problems
             Cost savings

Prior to embarking on any condition monitoring exercise, it is useful to carry out a criticality assessment of your plant to see just how critical to Health, Safety and Production each asset actually is. See out criticality pages for more information and a useful spreadsheet you can download.

Of all the condition monitoring methods available, the most widely used one is Vibration Analysis.

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