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Vi-Fi - Wireless Vibration Analysis

In most cases, a monthly VA survey carried out by a CM engineer using a hand held vibration analyser/collector is sufficient, however, in some instances assets may be deemed critical enough to warrant continuous monitoring using permanently installed equipment which sends vibration data back via the internet for analysis. This can be achieved using one or more WiVib 4 channel wireless modules.

Each module can be either powered using an internal battery which can last up to one year before replacement or by a 10-30V dc supply. The units are ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.


The module 'wakes up' at a preset interval and takes readings which are then sent to the 'cloud server' for comparison and analysis. If any of the six parameters exceed statistical or warning alarm levels, an SMS or email is automatically sent to nominated recipients. These readings can then be downloaded via the internet using appropriate analysis software from any remote location worldwide.

  In addition to having 4 ac inputs which are used for the vibration analysis, each module has a further 4 dc inputs which can be used to monitor flow, pressure, current etc.

The cost to supply 1 module and 4 accelerometers with commissioning and one years analysis per unit can be less than 3000! An annual contract for monitoring and analysis starts from 125 per unit.

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